Designed for your fitness goals

Troy Thompson designed programs;

  • are made for you, wether you are new to the gym or a professional athlete
  • they are time efficient and yield amazing results

Chantal before and afterPROGRAM

With all the information and various methods of training out there, it's often difficult to determine what training style is best for you. Get a program designed specifically FOR YOU, based on the personal information you provide and the goals you want to achieve. It doesn't get more individual than that.

Get a program detailing workouts to last you anywhere from 4-8 or 12 weeks before needing a change. Get variations, fast, effective workouts and specific needs training. Troy's programs address not just your goals, but your current needs and abilities with a program designed to take you to the next level of training. Troy's programs also consider various lifestyle factors and time allotment to deliver an effective and doable program. Troy's programs are based on the information you give him; it's not just some general approach. A T2 program can feature; weightloss training, sport specific training, functional training, conditioning through HIIT training, combine training, strongman, bodybuilding, figure, fitness and bikini training. From beginners to athletes of all kinds Troy can design a program to suit your needs and help you achieve the body you want. A Troy program keeps you directly in line with your goals while removing the guess work attached to doing it yourself or following generic training protocols. Troy's programs are designed with a "private approach" where you e-mail Troy your information directly and he responds with your personal program. Take a look at some of Troy's clients in his client section, or read the testimonials.

Success is a habit. Coaching is a relationship. Expertise is a must.
The most successful people, from beginners to athletes are those who have someone to "answer to" when it comes to doing what you are supposed to do. Let Troy help you reach your health and fitness goals.

Training Programs

One time Trained by Troy program will give you a custom Troy program to meet your needs and that you can use for 4, 8,12 weeks:  CAD$100

Reach your goals with constant monitoring, evaluation and guidance for both your training program and diet.
Troy's contest preparation, body makeover and strength and conditioning program:   CAD$400 set up and start and 100$ a month every following month (minimum of 4 months)
You will have access to Troy's expertise via email, photo check-ins and all appropriate diet and training changes as needed. Included is last contest prep week prep.

Last contest prep week prep:    CAD$100

Left to their own devices, most people will revert back to previous history and self-sabotage. That is why few people achieve long term diet and training success and instead go from one diet or program to the next. Sound familiar? Get off that treadmill and get real expertise, a coach that can to guide you to reach your goals

One year coach. Includes unlimited questions,  pre contest and/or weight loss diet, supplement stacks and workout programs and weekly updates : CAD$1500

Always available at The Gym fitness center are One on one  training sessions by Troy or one of his elite team members; CAD$35 per session

Also available are one on one phone consultations.  Get information you need, pick Troy's brain with your fitness, training, weight loss and dieting questions.

1 hour phone consult :      CAD$225

30 minutes phone consult:     CAD$150

To get your own Training Program contact Troy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

and include the following information: Gender, height, weight, age, your lifestyle and current training regimen, detail what your goals or objectives are, a list of any foods you can't or won't eat, any medical conditions or problems, any other relevant information.

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