troyI`m Troy Thompson the creator of T2 (Trained by Troy) Training Systems. I started T2 Training Systems in 1990 to help athletes of all ages and abilities improve their performance. I believe if you have a vision and really believe in that vision, you will become successful. All you need to learn are the right strategies with 100% effort.

From the time I started athletics, I was on a mission to find the best, most effective training strategies to improve speed, size, explosive power and overall athletic performance. I went on to become a gold medal winner in the 4 x 100 relay at the World Junior Olympics, Overall Northern Ontario and Overall Ontario Heavyweight Bodybuilding Champion. I trained and competed in Bodybuilding, Power lifting, Strongman, Football, Hockey and Track and Field with some of the world`s top athletes and coaches. This is where I made my biggest breakthroughs in understanding how to enhance human performance for athletes of all ages.

Over the last 20 years as a performance coach, my team and I believe we hace cracked the code on how to make performance training easy to understand and apply it to all athletes. 100`s of T2 Training System athletes have improved their performance and were able to take their strenght and conditioning to the next level.

We understand how to help athletes of all ages and abilities get to the next level. Our System is universal in its approach and simply it works. There is no doudt you can improve speed, size, and overall performance, you just need to get behind a training philosophy you can understand and truly buy into. Do your research and you will find out if you do not know allready, that success in sports and in life is about one thing, being consistent with something that is proven and something you truely believe in.

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